Visiting South Shore Marina Ontario

The South Shore of Ontario, Canada is endowed with many tourist attraction sites, that offer an excellent experience to all sorts of travelers, on vacation or business trips. With a vast network of rivers and lakes, travelers are treated to a lifetime of memorable experiences. When planning that vacation or stay at South Shore Marina, there are things that you need to know, that will help make it a worthwhile experience. Also, it’s essential to get an idea of things that you might see or do at your destination, and here we are going to share some highlights on the same.

South Shore

Water recreation is the most common activity, especially at South Shore Ontario, with activities such as water sports, fishing, swimming and boating. Apart from these water activities, other attractions include outdoor activities such as cycling and nature walks, in the beautiful terrain. Ontario is also considered one of Canada’s historical and cultural centers, with renowned museums, and it plays host to important cultural festivals. The following is a useful list of attractions that you will come across when staying in South Shore Marina Ontario.

  • The Thousand Islands

For sailing lovers, this will be a great adventure ground for you. These islands are in the St Lawrence River, and are scattered along the river and are shared by both Canada and the US. These islands are ideal for outdoor activities, and they house some famous mansions, such as Singer Castle on the Dark Island.

  • The Great Lakes

These are freshwater lakes that are interconnected, and located between the border of the US and Canada. The lakes are also connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the St Lawrence River. It has been said that the lakes are fish breeding grounds, with some large fish weighing up to 200 pounds. Shipping is the most predominant activity along the lakes.

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We always dream of that excellent vacation, where you get to relax and enjoy your time off work. Many of us overlook the entertainment aspect of any vacation because we often think that the entire holiday or vacation idea covers all aspects concerning entertainment. When planning, it’s important to do some research on the available entertainment facilities such as bars, restaurants, parks and theaters, that offer culture oriented types of entertainment.

South Shore Ontario offers an unmatched nightlife experience with bars, casinos and theaters that screen shows, that will give you value for money. Whether traveling alone or with your family, Ontario has something to offer. Make sure that when planning you should consider the type of entertainment you are looking for, as this will help you when coming up with a budget. Also, its good to be on the lookout for offers and discounts at various entertainment joints.