All You Need to Know About Southshore Ontario

Ontario is one of the provinces in Canada, and known for its vast lake and river networks, that make it a preferred tourist destination, especially for people who love lake activities such as fishing and boat riding. Ontario is known as the only province in Canada that touches the great lakes, especially on the South West, and this has led to the thriving marine activities in this region.

Living next to a river, sea or lake has some benefits and drawbacks. The Southshore area in Canada is considered as an economic region, and comprises several counties, and does not have a formal identity, but is defined by a geographical region. The Southshore is regarded as Ontario’s leading tourist destination, which is characterized by a higher number of cottages, hotels and other attraction sites, as compared to other areas.

Scenic Features and Sites on the Southshore

The Lighthouse Route

This is a scenic road located in Canada’s Nova Scotia province; the route follows the South Shore for close to 339 kilometers, starting from Halifax and stretching to Yarmouth. This route connects major towns along its way, and it is credited for easing movement along the South Shore.

Boat Riding and Sailing on the Lake

Many tourists love spending their summer holidays in Ontario. With more than 250000 lakes and around 62000 miles of rivers, this is one of the best places to go boat riding. With the open, expansive and uninterrupted water, visitors are amazed by this scenery, with some labelling Lake Ontario as the playground for recreational boaters.


Large Marina at Stoney Creek

The marina is surrounded by beautiful picnic areas and parklands, and it’s located on the South shore of the lake. At Niagara-on-the-Lake, you can also catch a boat, and sail through the exciting rapids on the Niagara River to the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Fishing Grounds

The lakes and rivers on the Southshore provide ideal fish breeding ecosystems, making this area one of the best to visit if you are out on a fishing venture. Event organizers have also introduced fishing tournaments, where winners receive prizes, making it a competitive undertaking, and fun at the same time.

Hiking and Cycling Terrain

Outdoor recreation is one of the most preferred pastimes among many tourists, especially in the summer. Though the Southshore is known for its water-related recreation activities, other outdoor activities are available, such as hiking and cycling, thanks to the incredible terrain, rolling hills and vast forests, which are ideal for hiking activities.

With all that said about the Southshore region in Ontario, it’s evident that this is an excellent destination, especially for those looking for a quiet and entertaining vacation. When planning your next vacation, consider Southshore Ontario.